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Search Engine Optimization company London

SEO (search engine optimization) is technique to build your brand awareness and making online presence in SE . This is a process that affect directly to your website online visibility. SEO keep both the technical and creative based required to improving rankings, that helpful for driving traffic, and generating more sales for your business.

SEO is categorised in two parts, On-page and Off-page

  • ONPAGE, It refers to all the things that we do within our website such as Meta data, Alt tag, Robots.txt, Sitemap creation, header tag h1, h2 tag optimisation, Google webmaster and Analytics code optimisation and interlink in website.
  • OFFPAGE, It refers to all the things that we do for creating links for website there we follow may aspects such as Article Posting, Blog Posting and Commenting, Forum Discussion, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, PPT and PDF sharing, PR, Guest Posting, Video Sharing, Image Submission, Infographics Submission, Document Sharing etc.

About White hat SEO and Black hat SEO –

  • White hat SEO: This is best type in SEO, if you going to do long term business, in this you have to follow all terms and conditions of search engines to make ranking permanently.
  • Black hat SEO: This tactics used by seo to get ranking soon in search engines but there no surety how long time you will be stable in search engine rank.

For Ranking: there are many points that impact your web ranking in search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing. To get better ranking you must follow search engines guidelines to before creating a backlink for your website. For getting rank, backlinks works as a key there you have no other option to get ranking in search without getting large numbers of backlinks but after started updates in Google Algorithm, you must know what criteria that you should follow before creating a link.

What are the metrics that you need to check before getting backlinks?

  • Domain/Page authority. This a main point that you should check about site where you are going for a link Domain authority represent what that site value in search engines and Page authority represent only an individual page value. A link from a high authority site will be more powerful than hundred of low authority site links.
  • Number of outgoing links. A backlink from a website or from a web page that links to hundreds of other URLs will be less valuable than the one from a website with some outgoing links.
  • Do follow/No follow links. You can also check whether the existing backlinks on the site are do-follow or no-follow There do-follow links help you to improving your website because search engine reads/counts only do-follow links so you can say big No to no-follow links but before say no you must know which links you can say no and which one you need to accept, if you are getting a chance to get a no-follow link from a high-quality website that have high PA/DA then without a any doubt you should take it because no-follow link not helpful in ranking prospective but much helpful to improve traffic on your website.

SEO Tools: For SEO, nowadays many tools available online there some tools are paid and some tools offering services free and paid both. A tool can help you better than manual site analysis, what you can do for your website to make Up-to-date web ranking.

  • SEMRush – this is a competitor research tool that focuses on all aspects of search engine marketing, including SEO and paid search advertising. SEMrush has access to a massive amount of data from all Google, Yahoo and Bing, which allows you to see where competitors are ranking for over 95 million organic keywords. 
  • SEOmoz PRO – this is one of the most recognized names in the SEO world. SEOmoz PRO offers you to check keyword rankings, analyze your social media status, check and compare backlinks across multiple URLs, test a website for crawl errors, perform keyword analysis, and more.
  • Raven Tools – Raven Tool is one of the best for keyword research, campaign management, link building, competitor analysis, social media monitoring, backlink reporting, content management, and metrics.

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